Savory Brioche Pockets – Baking With Julia

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, either that or I am inherently lazy, perhaps they are one and the same thing. Anyway, I am always putting off today what I can do tomorrow or next week and even with things I really enjoy, like baking, I will procrastinate on recipes that I deem as just a little bit of trouble or time consuming. Which is stupid really because once I start I am engrossed in the project and really enjoy myself, I just have to actually start. This is why I have to challenge myself with things that have deadlines like this blog, for example, it makes me accountable to post at least once a week.

Recently I was reading an article, on the internet, about a group of food bloggers who had formed a baking group called “Tuesdays with Dorie“. This group had baked their way through all the recipes in a book called ‘Baking From My Home To Yours‘ by Dorie Greenspan. What started off as a group of three quickly expanded to five hundred members. Now how many of us have purchasted cookbooks and made one or two things out of them and that’s it? I have to say I am fascinated about actually baking every recipe in a book, something I have so far not even come close to. So, of course, I was interested to learn more. The group, TWD as they call themselves, had completed their first book and were well on their way through their next project “Baking with Julia“. As I thought this would be  a great way to cure my procrastination, I decided to jump right in and join the group.

The idea is to bake two recipes a month, as nominated by a group vote, and to blog about your experiences. Each blog is posted on the two Tuesdays nominated each month. The rules are simple: you must own the book to participate and you must complete and blog about at least one of the recipes per month. Each month two hosts are nominated from within the group and these are the only people that are allowed to post the recipe, this is to encourage people to actually purchase the book.

Now about the book “Baking with Julia” it is based on the TV series Baking with Julia Child, but it is written by Dorie Greenspan along with a number of contributing bakers and pastry chefs. For those of us outside of the USA, although a lot of the measurements are in cups there are some that will need to be converted to metric and temperatures to Celsius.

The first recipe I have tried is the Savoury Brioche Pockets. I must confess I did the one thing I have been taught not to do, I didn’t read the recipe until the night before I had planned to make them. On reading the recipe, I had to drop everything and make the brioche dough which required at least 4-6 hours or optimally overnight for chilling time.

There is a warning in the book that you needed a good quality mixer due to the amount of mixing time required. I can categorically state that even though I am the proud owner of a Kitchenaid mixer I did in fact fear for its life when the motor started getting extremely hot. I think I can safely say that a mixer with a weaker constitution may not have survived the experience. The other thing I found was, that due to the extremely vigorous mixing, my mixer bowl managed to jam itself on to the machine and not even the assistance of my husband could pry it loose. I ended up having to get some WD40 lubricant to spray around the bottom of the bowl to get it to escape the clutches of the machine.

Other than those little dramas, the recipe was easy to follow and the brioche turned out exactly right and they looked and smelt amazing when I pulled them out of the oven. The only change I made to the recipe is that I used caramelised onion jam which added a balsamic flavour to the pockets. Taste wise for me they were good, but if I was going to make them again I would substitute the brioche for puff pastry, but of course they would no longer be brioche pockets. I enjoyed the brioche, but I think I would prefer to use it as a breakfast bread with butter and jam.

For the recipe, you can check out Carrie’s blog at Loaves and Stitches.

As Julia would say “Bon Appetit”.


20 thoughts on “Savory Brioche Pockets – Baking With Julia

  1. galettista

    Although I love caramelized onions, your onion jam with balsamic vinegar sounds wonderful, a great complement to these pockets. I too prefer my brioche with butter and jam for breakfast. Your pastries look gorgeous.

  2. SandraM

    Welcome to the group! Your post was great. And your pockets look fantastic. This is a great group to be a part of. It challenges me to try recipes that I would have probably not done (because they seemed complicated). Looking forward to seeing more post from you.

  3. My Daily Bread Body and Soul ... Pray Cook Blog

    Hi and welcome to the group! Glad to have you! Your brioche looks wonderful and I really enjoyed your blog post. My brioche dough sent a death knell on my Kitchen Aid — lots of excitement, at least for a few minutes!

    Next time you want to make brioche dough I highly recommend the Sticky Pecan Rolls — they are out of this world! Blessings!

  4. Lauren

    Welcome to TWD! It’s too bad your first recipe with us wasn’t knock-your-socks-off delicious! I like your idea of just filling with jam – I kept trying to figure out alternative filling ideas but my creativity was lacking so I opted for the flavored mashed potatoes route. A big meh from me.

  5. Cathleen

    Welcome to the group! Your pockets are absolutely beautiful and amazing photography! I’m looking forward to tackling these this week – I too am a procrastinator – and tout that you should always read the recipe thoroughly before starting – and never do!

  6. laurasmess

    They do look beautiful, though I don’t know whether they’d be worth all of that effort (and the possibility of breaking your stand mixer!). I only have a handheld old mixer so I don’t think I’d even attempt to make these. Love the idea of the puff pastry though. Caramelised onion jam is one of my favourite things 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. P.S following you from now on! Lovely blog!


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