Savoury Galette – Baking with Julia

Australia has some of the deadliest creatures in the world so the great outdoors is treated with a lot of respect and a fair amount of trepidation. This applies especially to those of us who come from other countries not known to have any venomous creatures, like New Zealand for example. What has this got to do with cooking I hear you ask? Well absolutely nothing….well except for the visit I had from a snake climbing up the outside of my kitchen screen door while I was making this galette! Crikey! (as they say here). Now I wasn’t willing to get up close and personal with him to see if he was one of the deadly dozen that inhabit Australia, the best I could summon up was a fair bit of hyperventilating over the pastry dough, but still that counts as bravery…right?

Fortunately, Mr LG went for a closer inspection and, for some reason only known to himself, decided to poke the aforementioned snake gently in the tummy causing the poor snake to get a fright and fall on to the patio and slither and snort away. I’m sure that the experts will say that snakes don’t snort, but in my mind the snake had taken on epic dragon like proportions – so snort he did! I was brought back to earth when Mr LG informed me that it was only a tree snake and was perfectly harmless.  I then decided to turn the tables on him and point out the error of his ways for being mean to the poor tree snake.. can any one say deflection? No point in highlighting my womanly squealing if it’s not necessary.

Mr LG wanted me to assure readers that no snakes were harmed in the making of this galette and that he got the bigger fright when the snake jumped off the door.

Now back to this week’s Baking with Julia challenge – the savoury Galette.

I have made a lot of adaptions to the challenge recipe of cheese and tomato galette. The most obvious being that there isn’t a tomato in sight. For certain members of my household, eating tomatoes is up there in the same league as wrangling snakes…it should only be done once….yes Mr LG I am talking about you!

So out with the trusty and much used caramelised onion jam which I paired up with slices of Tuscan seasoned roast chicken breast, sliced potatoes, rosemary and finished off with a strong tasty cheese on top.

Overall I was happy with the taste and flavours. I did have to swap the cornmeal in the pastry with polenta as I couldn’t buy cornmeal where I live. I found the polenta gave the pastry a slightly gritty taste which I didn’t particularly like so if I made this again I would change the pastry to a rough puff pastry instead of the galette dough. In saying that, I have never used cornmeal before, but I am lead to believe that it is finer in texture than polenta.

You can find the recipe for galette dough and cheese and tomato galette in “Baking with Julia“.

To see how everyone else got on with this challenge please check the “Baking with Julia/Tuesdays with Dorie blog“.

36 thoughts on “Savoury Galette – Baking with Julia

  1. Jill

    Your version looks and sounds delicious! Yikes, I wouldn’t want to get close enough to any snake to determine whether it’s poisonous!

  2. TheKitchenLioness

    Karen, what creative toppings for the savoury galette – caramelized onion jam, chicken, potatoes and rosemary sound wonderful for this recipe!
    I did not feel up to making this recipe since I hosted the sweet version last August and somehow a repeat performance (albeit savoury) did not appeal to me all that much – however, loooking forward to some other wonderful recipes coming up!
    Have a lovely Wednesday!

  3. alvarosa

    I don’t get cornmeal as well and I am always using polenta instead. Usually it helps to wet the polenta (and eventually let it get soggy a bit for some hours). Like that, it still has a bit crunchier texture than just the ordinary flour, but not so much as when you use dry polenta! Maybe that works for you, too!

  4. David

    Lots of icky snakes here in the Sonoran Desert, too! We have decided to anthropomorphize them by naming them “Fred,” “Balthazar,” and the like. Happily, both Fred and Balthazar keep away the rattlesnakes… haven’t had to name any of them yet (but we have several good names set aside if they show up). The galette is lovely – and your combination of ingredients is just perfect. (I would miss the tomato, too…) I also agree that rough pastry would be better – even with cornmeal, I find it doesn’t moisten enough to lose its grit.

  5. Cakelaw

    Snakes – aaagggh! I am an urban apartment dweller, so I don’t have brushes with snakes – phew. Your chicken galette looks absolutely delicious.

  6. beverlyswin

    Oh my, we do have poisonous snakes aplenty in Texas & my 2 poor Dachsies suffered copperhead bites just last week! They are ok, but I stay very nervous this time of year. Your galette looks scrumptious; I will try your adaptation.

    1. lemongrovecakediaries Post author

      Hi Beverly, I was just having a look at your blog and saw the photos of your Dachsies, they are gorgeous! I have a cocker spaniel so it is a bit of a worry with the snakes. I’m glad your dogs are ok!

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  8. SandraM

    Wow, that looks great with the caramelized onions and chicken. What a nice idea. And your crust looks perfectly flaky!
    Like Indiana Jones, I don’t like snakes. That would have freaked me out!!! 🙂

  9. Tammy

    I was going to post that crikey is my new favorite word, but then along comes saucygander with sheila squeal. It’s a toss up for sure! Thanks for the savory inspiration.

  10. Cathy B.

    Your tart looks great! I’ll have to play with some variations.

    We live in the middle of a small town, but we have snakes in our backyard, too. (mostly the non-poisonous variety) My neighbor Christie chased a garden snake out of her backyard with the lawnmower. She heard the neighbor’s teenaged daughters run screaming into the house. She felt a little bad about it at the time (though we all laughed about it later.)

  11. steph (whisk/spoon)

    I like the direction you took this in–looks delish! Yes, when we lived in Sydney we had regular visits to our terrace from possums and flying foxes. Not deadly, but I thought it was funny that even in the middle of a huge city there were so many critters running around.

  12. Cher

    I don’t deal well with those types of creatures. Mice. Snakes. Spiders. UGH
    Your adaptation is great – I am not a huge tomato fan, so this wasn’t my thing. I would have loved to have tried your version.

  13. saucygander

    Wow, your version looks much, much more polished than my hurry-it’s-nearly-lunch efforts! Very impressed as usual. (mine will be up later, closer to midnight our time)

    I’ve been known to make a similarly un-Australian sheila squeal when facing a huntsman spider. Those critters are scary, nuff said.

  14. Cathleen

    Love your story. I couldn’t help but laugh at the part of Mr. LG poking the snake in the stomach. Poor thing. I was thinking polenta was finer than cornmeal! Well, it too gave the crust a gritty texture that I am not sure if I liked it or not. Your version looks and sounds fabulous!


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