Baked Yoghurt Tart – Baking with Julia

Food has a way of evoking memories from the past, baking that first cake with grandma, a bucolic summer’s day complete with bees skipping from flower to flower, the first day you spied your soon to be husband over a bunch of bananas at the supermarket…well you get the picture. At the same time, it can also remind you of the not so pleasant. This week’s Baking with Julia challenge, ‘baked yoghurt tart’, took me back to memories of one of my mother’s favourite winter desserts: baked custard. Frankly (sorry Mum..), I always found baked custard disgusting and to make matters worse she would insist we eat it, with the huffy reminder that there were less fortunate children in other parts of the world who didn’t have enough food. Don’t get me wrong I love crème brulee, which after all is a baked custard, so I really don’t know how my mother could get her baked custard so wrong, but she did.  I have always been of the opinion that dessert should be a pleasure and should be enjoyed with every fibre of your being, but it’s optional if you don’t want it – don’t eat it. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t share this point of view….if she made it, you ate it. She ruled with a rod of iron.

So it was with great trepidation that I joined this week’s Baking with Julia challenge because I couldn’t think of anything (apart from mum’s custard) that could be worse than baking yoghurt. Rather than make one large tart I used smaller cake pans to make mini tarts. I used a short sweet pastry rather than the flaky pie dough as I am not a fan of shortening in pastry. The yoghurt filling was easy to make and rather than blind bake the pastry first, I simply baked the pastry with the filling as there was plenty of baking time to allow the pastry to cook. They looked good coming out of the oven, but the baked yoghurt smell was a bit off putting (for me).

As I was not ‘feeling’ the baked yoghurt concept I decided that once the tart was cooked and cooled I would top with lemon curd, fresh strawberries and crushed macadamia nuts, which I got from my dwarf macadamia tree. For decoration, I made some white chocolate shards and used a chocolate transfer to create a music pattern. And the verdict….. drumroll please……

Mr LG felt without the lemon curd and other toppings the yoghurt filling was a bit bland.

Personally, I couldn’t get past the smell of the baked yoghurt, I did have a small taste, but it was definitely not a winner for me; I had a great childhood, but some things are just too traumatic!

So, in conclusion, it’s this writer’s opinion, that baked yoghurt is what the Supremes are to Diana Ross…brilliant accompaniment, but not the star act.

For the recipe see the book Baking with Julia.

To see how the others got on check out the Baking with Julia / Tuesdays with Dorie website.


22 thoughts on “Baked Yoghurt Tart – Baking with Julia

  1. kitchen therapy

    Your tart looks amazing! I agree with you about the filling, I was expecting a silky, creamy flavourful centre. (And I’m laughing about the childhood traumas! I have a few (a lot) of my own 🙂 )

  2. Dawn

    Love your story!! I completely understand your trepidation in trying a recipe that brought up bad memories. 🙂 I have a few of those too……!

  3. Cathleen

    Wow! I’m floored with your presentation! Outstanding! Too bad these were not more flavorful. I was thinking lemon curd would have been good spread on the bottom of the crust and some zest in the filling.

  4. Cathy B.

    Your tarts are very pretty. I’m sorry about your childhood custard trauma. I felt the same way about Mom’s rice pudding as a child. Mom made me eat it since there were “starving children in other parts of the world.” Today I love rice pudding. So it was either my immature palate or my Mom’s pudding recipe…

  5. TheKitchenLioness

    Karen, nice presentation and wonderful choice of decorations – I love that you added fresh strawberries and lemon curd (for that extra zing) to our Yogurt Tarts- makes for a delicious and very elegant dessert! I thought this was a nice recipe to showcase some of the season´s best berries.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. SandraM

    Beautiful presentation. It looks so professional like it comes from a bakery!! Sorry you didn’t enjoy it though. I thought the vanilla really came through in the flavour department. (but it might depend on vanilla I guess) Someone had the idea of putting lemon zest in for flavouring, that would be really good.

  7. isthisakeeper

    Oh my gosh your photograph of your tart is beautiful!!! Looks like it could be in a magazine. I too don’t love custard like desserts but my family enjoyed this one. I didn’t even taste it..haha!

  8. steph (whisk/spoon)

    wow–those sure are pretty. I liked this tart (and I think your sweet pastry is probably better with this than the pie dough), but I understand it’s hard to overcome childhood food traumas!

  9. David

    Well, tasty or not, they are gorgeous! True works of art! I have had yoghurt tarts that are wonderfully flavored, and others that are like your mum’s custard. Why???? Why is there bland food in the world? Good thing you thought of the lemon curd and chocolate!

    1. lemongrovecakediaries Post author

      Thanks David! I won’t give up on the yoghurt tarts then, I just need to try another recipe 🙂 although in saying that pretty much everyone else in the group liked it so it could just be me…

  10. Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes

    Your tart is majestic! And I love that you added lemon curd, which I find is good for so many desserts! I had to laugh at your comment about `eat all your food, there are kids that have none´. I guess it´s a sentence that knows no nationality, since I grew up with it too!


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