Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice

Ok it’s time: yes, Christmas time! As some of you will know I love Christmas time, but I really believe it shouldn’t start until December and today (as I write this) is December the 1st. That means that for the next 25 days my house will be full of cheesy Christmas carols and lots of Christmas baking and candy making. Hopefully this will lead to quite a few Christmas blogs.

My first Christmas blog this year is for an old childhood favourite: coconut ice. Now I’m not sure if this is popular elsewhere, but in New Zealand and Australia it has always been a firm favourite.

Sometimes the simple classics from our childhood are worth revisiting and coconut ice is an oldie but a goody.  I do have to insert a super sweet warning here: moderation is definitely the key for consumption of this lolly.



Makes approx. sixty 2cm x 3cm pieces.

  • 600g icing sugar
  • 240g desiccated coconut
  • 70g raspberries (thaw if using frozen raspberries)
  • 230g condensed milk
  • red food colouring (a few drops as required)
  • 1/4 TSP vanilla extract.


Prepare a 20cm x 20cm x 3.5cm baking tin by greasing it and lining it with non-stick baking paper.

Put half of the sugar, half of the desiccated coconut, all of the vanilla extract and 190g of the condensed milk into a bowl. Mix thoroughly until all the ingredients are well combined.

Place the mixture onto a lightly floured surface and knead until it is smooth. Put the mixture into the baking tin and press down until it is flat.

Put the remaining sugar and desiccated coconut into a bowl and add the raspberries, a few drops of food colouring and the remaining condensed milk. Mix thoroughly until all the ingredients are well combined; you can use your fingers if you want.

Place the mixture onto a lightly floured surface and knead until it is smooth. Put the mixture into the baking tin on top of the vanilla layer and press down until it is flat. Try and make both layers about the same depth.

Place the baking tray into the fridge until set; about 2-3 hours.

When set, cut the mixture into 2cm x 3cm pieces.


Coconut Ice


12 thoughts on “Coconut Ice

  1. Margot @ Gather and Graze

    Oooooh yum – how lovely adding fresh raspberries to the mix! This really sounds like a fabulous take on this classic little treat! We put the tree up on Monday evening, so it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas already! 🙂 It certainly is a lovely time of year.

  2. David

    This looks wonderful and I, too, thought it was going to be a sorbet! This is better (as Markipedia only eats ice cream and its kin in July and August!) As I mentioned in my response to your comment – Christmas? Is that THIS month? I don’t think I am ready! One clarification for me – I assume the desiccated coconut is unsweetened. Right? I seem to recall this conversation with another blogger and realizing that only we, in the US, sweeten our coconut!

    1. lemongrovecakediaries Post author

      Good question – definitely unsweetened (not that I knew there was any other version ) these sweets are super sweet already so probably any more sugar and you run the risk of putting Markipedia into a sugar coma 🙂

  3. Tina | Mademoiaelle Gourmande

    Haha, when I saw the E-Mail, I was like ice-cream? Yes please… 🙂 Well, it turned out to be something entirely different but apparently equally delicious. 🙂 I love Christmas too and I always wait for the first of December and then have 3,5 weeks to enjoy everything Christmas… 🙂 Totally with you on that.


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