Nutella Ice Cream

Nuttela Ice Cream

Imagine if you will, a time where there is a chocolate shortage. Ok well that could possibly be too awful to contemplate, but during World War II there was indeed such a time. Luckily for us at that time there was an ingenious Italian pastry chef, by the name of Pietro Ferrero, who mixed hazelnuts with chocolate to extend his chocolate supply thereby making a sweetened chocolate spread which would eventually become the Nutella we know and love today.

Now this wasn’t the first time hazelnuts and chocolate had been mixed together in the middle of a chocolate shortage. During Napoleon’s reign there was a chocolate shortage due to the British blockades of the Mediterranean. During this time a chocolatier in Turin named Michele Prochet mixed hazelnuts and chocolate together and created a product called Gianduja.

Getting back to Nutella; in it’s original form it was called Pasta Gianduja which was a hard block, but Ferrero adjusted the recipe to create a creamy version called Supacrema Gianduja. A few years later his son changed and modified the recipe and renamed the product Nutella with the intention of selling it throughout Europe.

Here is one more interesting fact about Nutella: the 5th of February is World Nutella day. Now that’s a holiday that I can get into, perhaps we can celebrate with a little Nutella ice cream…..




  • One batch of vanilla ice cream – recipe here
  • 100gm Nutella
  • hazelnuts for decoration
  • 50gm dark chocolate.


Make vanilla ice cream following this recipe.

Churn vanilla ice cream in ice cream maker as per manufacturer’s instructions.

While ice cream is churning, place the Nutella in a heat proof bowl and place over a pot of simmering water, stir until melted. Remove from heat and set aside until ice cream is ready.

Once ice cream is ready scoop out into a plastic container.

Pour dollops of Nutella randomly over the ice cream.

Use a knife to create a swirl through the ice cream.

Freeze to firm up ice cream.

Dry roast the hazelnuts in a small frypan. Remove the skins.

Melt chocolate over bain marie. Dip hazel nuts in chocolate. Place on a plate and put in the fridge to harden.

Decorate Nutella ice cream with chocolate coated hazelnuts and serve.

11 thoughts on “Nutella Ice Cream

  1. David

    Well, I have to start with Happy Nutella Day (as it is probably already Nutella Day there…). I have loved Nutella ever since I went to Europe when I was 14 – and this ice cream looks wonderful. The thing I love about Nutella and Gianduia chocolate, is that it does NOT contain the crunchy nuts. I like it nice and smooth. Will try this once it warms up just a wee bit here… Meanwhile, I am stopping on my way home to get a jar… need to celebrate properly.

  2. TheKitchenLioness

    Dear Karen, world Nutella day…I will better keep those news from the kids…but if I were to make a treat on that day, I would most definitely go for your wonderful Nutella ice cream – the recipe sounds fabulous and it looks like such a delighful indulgence (any day actually) – what a beautiful presentation in your tall and elegant glasses!
    From all your amazing cake pictures on fb, I can tell that your business is doing well – you are one incredibly talented person, my dear!
    All the very best for now,


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